Friday, March 25, 2016

A Look at Rodger Deering's Dungeon Crusade Board Game - Available on Kickstarter Right Now!

There are times when I just have to point out something that's very cool and after seeing this game listed to be Kickstarter, I knew I had to share it. Dungeon Crusade is the world's first open world dungeon crawl board game. It's not your usual board game as it's a hybrid game between board games and computer RPG's. It has been built from the ground up for solo or co-op play and it looks absolutely fantastic. To me, this looks like a blend of Hero's Quest, Oblivion, D&D, and Baldur's Gate which has got me really excited for it! Click on the link below to find out more about this incredible game!

Dungeon Crusade isn't just your basic board game as it has several different worlds and it even had minigames such as pub games, wizard tower assaults and more. Depending on which package you pledge for, you can get the entry level Avalon Adventure game for $25, the base Dungeon Crusade game for $100 (which is huge all on its own), the Dungeon Crusade base game with the chance to be involved in the character creation for $150, and the Master of the Realm Edition ($170) that includes everything.
To play the game, you will take control of 6 legendary heroes and their trusty fetch-hound, Albus, as they set out in a massive, open world dungeon to complete quests for villagers, find ancient treasure chests that may be empty, trapped or full of loot, pick locks on secret rooms, gain lifeforce, mine for minerals to craft powerful gems for your gear, find crates to smash open, plus new encounters every turn for the heroes to experience. Youc an also enjoy gifts from the villagers on celebration day, shop in the village, and gamble at the house of chance. 
Experience a "living dungeon" with the exclusive game mechanic the "patrol route system", where monsters move through the dungeon with unpredictable and random movement patterns. Battle minions who are attempting to raid the village, fight the champions who lurk in the chambers of the dungeon, and come face to face with the guardians of the dungeon, all while trying to clear the quest tables to achieve victory and save the village! 
The Avalon Adventure Board Game is played before you play Dungeon Crusade. The heroes must recover the 3 magical runes that are randomly placed around Avalon at the start of the game. Once they are recovered, proceed to the dungeon and shatter the curse on the dungeon doors. Complete mini quests and attribute tests, acquire gear and loot, fight monsters, get into trouble in the villages and much more. No two games are ever the same. So get ready heroes, to embark on a grand adventure across Avalon! 

To win, pick a scenario from the scenario booklet or create your own scenario. After setting up the game as the scenario describes, the heroes goal is to clear the 3 quest tables, which will turn the elder globes upon the tables from red to a green status, indicating there is purity within the dungeon. When all 3 elder globes have a green status, the heroes have won that scenario, and saved the village!

This game offers so many cool things that I love including secret rooms, the chance to do mining to improve your equipment, random chance encounters, a prefilled scenario book, and most importantly, the ability to create your own scenarios which this game will have the flexibility to enact. It;s also great that the adventurers' world is so invovled in the game too as you can win or lose depending on how scared the villagers get by wandering monsters if you aren't doing your job well. You can also be rewarded by the same villagers for doing a good job. It seems like every possible thing has been thought of for this game and you can tell that a lot of work and care has gone into it. Here;s a note directly from the the creator of Dungeon Crusade:

"Quality and Quantity. Very rarely do you see these two things together, but with our first launch title, that is what we are striving to give our fellow gamers. The quantity you can clearly see below. The quality will come from the fairly huge development team that has been assembled for the Dungeon Crusade project. People from all around the world are committed, determined and focused on bringing this game to fruition for everyone to enjoy.

Lastly, with Groovus Games Unlimited, we don't believe in producing "exclusive" content with high price tags and in limited quantity. It's our belief that everyone should have a right to enjoy ALL of the content that is offered across the board equally at a great price point. So in closing, enjoy the Dungeon Crusade campaign, and I hope the game meets or exceeds your expectations. Have a great time all!" -  Rodger "Groovus" Deering.

Please help this game be produced by pledging for it on Kickstarter here. As of right now, his project needs another $47,000 by April 21st to become a reality. 

Below you will see more screenshots of the game and some videos for it too.

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