Friday, August 28, 2015

Ancient Aliens: Season 7 Blu-ray Review

Reviewed by Allie Schembra
What supernatural lives will be revealed by the 10,000-year-old prehistoric artwork in a cave in India? Could the face of Giza’s Great Sphinx prove to be older than once thought, and what otherworldly being might it actually represent? HISTORY continues its exploration of unexplained events and phenomena in this Ancient Aliens collection that journeys through the Egyptian pyramids, Central American temples, and Earth’s enigmatic caves, offering viewers a detailed account of the mysteries of like that continue to elude us.
Show (2 out of 5 stars)
I can’t suspend my belief for this show and its concepts any longer. The first few seasons were interesting and provided alternative theories on some of the unexplainable things around the world. Seven seasons in though, I feel like they are just making stuff up in order to stay on the air. Looking back at how much I enjoyed “Ancient Aliens” when it first began, I now feel embarrassed for the people who are on the show and who continue to promote these theories. 

The seventh season of “Ancient Aliens” once again provides alternate ideas of how things in the world are perceived; how some of the world’s most popular items came to be. From mysterious caves around the world to the great pyramids to the U.S. Civil War, season seven of “Ancient Aliens” consists of the 12 new episodes listed below.

  1. Forbidden Caves – Researchers discuss how caves might possibly be portals to other worlds. 
  2. Mysteries of the Sphinx – A discussion of how the Sphinx may have been otherworldly creatures that came to Earth. 
  3. Aliens Among Us – This is an episode about the technological advances made over history and that aliens may have had a hand in it. 
  4. The Genius Factor – Researchers discuss the possibility that some of the world’s greatest scientists were influenced by aliens.
  5. Secrets of the Mummies – How the mummification process may have been perfected by aliens and how this is proof that aliens have visited Earth.
  6. Alien Resurrections – A theory on how people who have been on the brink of death have visited with their deceased family members and the dead rising from the grave. These theories are used as proof that aliens have visited in the past and made these things happen.
  7. Alien Messages – Researchers and “experts” discuss the strange messages received that can’t be deciphered as being alien in origin.
  8. The Great Flood – Talk about how the Great Flood and the Ark were alien inspired and how the Ark was built to the aliens’ exact specifications.
  9. Aliens and the Civil War – Researchers talk about the Civil War and alien involvement in the course of the War.
  10. Hidden Pyramids – How the pyramids that have been found may not be the only ones. A discussion about the location of all the pyramids and how they may all interact together once found.
  11. The Vanishings – People who have been “abducted” and who have disappeared may have been taken to other planets.
  12. The Alien Agenda – A final discussion on how aliens may have been influencing the people of Earth since the beginning of time.
Each of these episodes became a little less believable over the course of the day I sat down and watched the season. When the season got to the Great Flood and the Civil War episodes, I couldn’t help but want to turn off the television. As someone who studied the Civil War, to think that aliens had anything to do with the course of events is so ridiculous I wanted to throw something at the TV. Also, for having who went to Catholic School, the Flood is one thing that every kid is taught over and over again until it is beaten into our minds and beliefs. I couldn’t get past the stupidity of these ideas.

While I respect people who have different ideas and opinions, it’s absolutely unbelievable that there are people out there that have these ideas and dedicate their lives to this. After seven seasons, you have to think that they are running out of theories and ideas. Once again though, there were repeats from previous episodes. I really don’t know how many times the same experts can repeat the same theories and how they keep coming up with these crazy ideas.
Video (3 out of 5 stars)
The 16x9 widescreen presentation of the seventh season of “Ancient Aliens” was good. It was probably the best thing about the season. The colors were bright and the picture was clear. Interviews were good and the transitions between interview and b-roll was smooth.
Audio (3 out of 5 stars)
“Ancient Aliens” season seven is presented in English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and is okay. Dialogue and interviews are clear and concise and background sounds blend in well with everything. I was able to clearly follow along with the theories and ideas presented.
Extras (0 out of 5 stars)
There are no special features included.
Summary (2 out of 5 stars)
I’m over this series. What started out as entertaining and interesting has become crazy and unbelievable. At this point, these “experts” have to be making this stuff up. How can anyone think that the historical moments, the technological advances and the great architecture of the past were influenced by extraterrestrials over the last tens of thousands of years? I for one will pass on future seasons and The History Channel should rethink airing this show and go back to airing actual shows relevant to history.

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