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The Little Angels - ABCs, 123s, and Animals DVD Reviews

Reviewed by Jami Ferguson
Little Angels is an animated DVD series and has been created for pre-school aged children to teach practical learning skills like ABCs and numbers. The series is presented in a captivating and entertaining format that will help parents to teach their little angels a big love of learning while also providing hours of fun to enjoy together with exciting DVD extras.  Pre-school twins Alex and Zoe are blessed to have eight Little Angels watching over them – literally! These Little Angels live on the ceiling of their bedroom, painted there so they are the first things the kids see when they wake up in the morning and the last thing they see before they fall asleep at night. The angels come to life when the children need them most, helping guide them through the challenges of their young lives. Featuring a great deal of interactive DVD extras including charming music videos and downloadable activity sheets, plus a downloadable bonus digital copy of each lesson that will allow for learning on the go, the Little Angels ABC's Little Angels Animalsand  Little Angels 1, 2, 3's DVDs are a great value moms can feel good about sharing with their little angels. 

Film (3 out of 5 stars)

Twins Alex and Zoe have angels painted on their bedroom ceiling who watch over them and come to life when the twins have lessons to learn.  Executive Producer Roma Downey brings various bible stories to life in a way the children can understand and relate to.

Little Angles ABCs - Alex and Zoe meet angels Michael, Gabriel, Dena (the Angel of Learning) and Ariel (the Guardian Angel).  When he meets the angels, Alex starts to make wishes thinking they are fairies.  The angels explain they are there to help with understanding.  In this case, they will help the youngsters learn the alphabet.   The angels sing an alphabet song that talks about what each letter sounds and looks like.

Little Angels 123's - Hammy the angel of Logic helps with numbers.  They tell the story of Davis and Goliath and Charmy (short for Charmane) the angel of harmony brings musical assistance.  They also learn about the Walls of Jerich and the many gifts of Jesus.

Little Angels Animals - The angel Uriel painted his way into Bible stories.  The children learn about Noah's Ark, Jonah and the Whale, and Adam and Eve.  Zoe and Alex learn that all creatures are Gifts from God and learn the value of work.

The religion level in the Little Angels series is pretty high.  If your child hasn't been exposed to that before, it could lead to a lot of questions, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  It could certainly be a discussion starter.  It was a little odd when my three year old was asking me about leprosy though.  

My son really likes to sing along with songs and the alphabet song goes really fast and is pretty complicated and he just couldn't keep up.  He kept complaining, "it's going too fast...why are they going so fast?"  I don't think that's an alphabet song he would commit to memory, and in fact I switched DVDs so he would stop worrying about that song.

Video (3 out of 5 stars)

The Little Angels DVDs are presented in widescreen 1.78:1 ratio.  This is pretty simple, "old school" animation and my son was less than impressed.  Most of what he watches on TV is CGI.  The "regular" animation is full of bright colors that the Little Angels series was lacking.  It had a significantly more muted color palette than we're used to.

Audio (3 out of 5 stars)
The Little Angels DVDs are presented in English 2.0 Stereo Sound or Spanish Dolby Surround.  Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in English and Spanish.  The dialogue and music is at a clear and consistent level throughout.  Otherwise there is nothing spectacular to brag about, as to be expected with children’s DVDs.

Special Features (3 1/2 out of 5 stars)
The special features turned out to be more enjoyable for my son than the films themselves. Roma Downey tells personal stories on each one of these releases.  She suggests memory games and other learning activities you can do at home with your children.  There's also tips for handling situations like lying.

The following music videos are can be played individually or with the play all feature.


  • Little Lessons with Roma Downey
  • Sing-along Music Videos:
  • Easy as ABC
  • G-H-I, Me Oh My
  • Q to the R to the S
  • W-X-Y-Z
  • Downloadable Activity Sheets
  • Downloadable Digital Copy – for Learning on the Go!
  • Spanish Language Track

LITTLE ANGELS Animals Features

  • Little Lessons with Roma Downey
  • Sing-along Music Videos:
  • Adam Gave Them Names
  • Noah Built an Ark
  • Jonah Was Fish Bait
  • Pomegranates, Penguins
  • Downloadable Digital Copy – for Learning on the Go!
  • Spanish Language Track

LITTLE ANGELS 123’s Features

  • Little Lessons with Roma Downey
  • Sing-along Music Videos:
  • Goliath Didn’t Like Rock Music
  • Joshua, Get Those Trumpets Blowin’
  • Be Sure to Say Thank You
  • All You Can Eat Fish Dinner
  • Downloadable Digital Copy – for Learning on the Go!
  • Spanish Language Track

Final Thoughts (3 out of 5 stars)
The Alphabet song has lyrics like "B is for the Bible, where the words of God reside" - pretty heavy stuff for a preschooler if you ask me.  I like messages like the angels are always with them but they only appear when the need them like when Alex is about to fall off a stool (not when he thinks he needs them when he wants a cookie). The peanut butter and jelly popcorn was a BIG hit with a strong preference for the jelly popcorn!  Every movie should have accompanying popcorn if you ask my son!

Order your copies today!

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