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Family Guy: Volume Twelve DVD Review

Reviewed by Jami Ferguson
“Family Guy” reaches new heights of hilarity in this outrageous collection of 22 uncensored episodes, including fan-favorite “Into Fat Air,” where the Griffins rock Mount Everest, plus the comedy jackpot “Roads to Vegas” and the milestone 200th episode “Yug Ylimaf,” in which Brian and Stewie develop a curious case of reverse aging thanks to a time machine foul-up. It’s a complete season of laughs with celebrity guest voices Johnny Depp, Jon Hamm, Sofia Vergara and more!

Show (3 out of 5 stars)
"Family Guy" is the story of the Griffin Family, who lives in the New England town of Quahog.  Parents Peter and Lois are raising their little one Stewie, sister Meg and Brother Chris. Each family member is more inappropriate than the next and the neighbors fit right in.  Guest voices this season include J.J. Abrams, Sofia Vergara, Johnny Depp, John Hamm, Elizabeth Banks, and Giovanni Ribisi.  If you have never seen "Family Guy," you can jump in at any point and figure most things out. However, if you like what you see at any season you might be inclined to start at the beginning. Because it’s a half hour show (with commercials) you can easily binge watch a season or two in a single weekend. The show was cancelled, but returned to the air and it celebrates its 200th episode with Volume Twelve.

Family Guy Volume Twelve contains the following episodes on three DVD’s:
  1. “Into Fat Air” – The Griffin’s scale Mt. Everest after getting competitive with the family of one of Lois’ exes.
  2. “Ratings Guy” – The latest Nielsen Family is the Griffins. While Brian suggests PBS, Peter thinks his Nielsen box is the “coolest friggin’ toy on the planet” and he does not make thoughtful or responsible viewing choices.
  3. “The Old Man and the Big C” – It is discovered that Quagmire wears a toupee, but when he takes it off, he acts like an old man. Visiting Quagmire, who is at the hospital for a hair transplant, Brian overhears that Lois’ father has cancer. It turns out he had cancer and also has the cure.
  4. “Yug Ylimaf” – Brian uses as time machine to pick up women and accidentally reverses the direction of time.
  5. “Joe’s Revenge” – Joe wants to get even with the criminal who “crippled” him.
  6. “Lois Comes Out of Her Shell” – Lois makes big changes as she works her way through a mid-life crisis.
  7. “Friends Without Benefits” – Meg likes a boy at school but he’s interested in another member of the Griffin Family.
  8. “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” – It’s Christmas time and Peter tells his own version of biblical events.
  9. “Space Cadet” – Chris, (followed by the rest of the Griffin’s) head to space camp, and are launched into space.
  10. “Brian’s Play” – Brian’s play is a hit, but it’s possible Stewie wrote an even better play.
  11. “The Giggity Wife” – Quagmire marries a hooker, and has to prove he is gay (with Peter’s help) to get out of the marriage.
  12. “Valentine’s Day in Quahog” – Love is in the air as Stewie travels back in time to the 60s and meets a young Lois.
  13. “Chris Cross” – Meg blackmails Chris after finding him stealing money from Lois.
  14. “Call Girl” – Lois looks for a job to help support the family and her voiceover is actually a phone sex line.
  15. “Turban Cowboy” – Peter meets a Muslim man who convinces him to convert to Islam and leave behind his closest friends.
  16. “12 and a Half Angry Men” – Mayor West is on trial for murder.
  17. “Bigfat” – After their plane crashes, Peter, Quagmire and Joe are lost and Peter becomes feral, and unable to communicate.
  18. “Total Recall” – Stewie’s bear Rupert is recalled due to safety issue and Brian helps him reclaim his toy/best friend. Lois replaces Peter on the bowling team and becomes one of the guys for a while.
  19. “Save the Clam” – The owner of their favorite bar dies and Peter and friends try to save it from the bank.
  20. “Farmer Guy” – Peter buys a farm to get away from local crime, and becomes a criminal.
  21. “Roads to Vegas” – Brian and Stewie make copies of themselves and one set has the best and the other has the worst trip to Vegas.
  22. “No Country Club for Old Men” – The Griffin Family is able to join a country club. Rather than rise to the occasion they bring down member Carter Pewterschmidt.
"Family Guy" is a love it or hate it kind of thing. It’s crude and often idiotic, but in my opinion that’s a part of its charm. If you’re easily offended, this is not the show for you. They push the boundaries of so called “good taste” often. Additionally, there is foul language on the DVD that you didn't hear on cable including regular f-bombs. None of that bothers me, it just reminds me to look around and make sure my son is not watching, or even within ear shot.
Video (3 out of 5 stars)
"Family Guy" Volume Twelve is sadly only available on DVD, and is presented in a widescreen format with a 1.78:1 ratio.  Twelve Volumes into the series, I’m pretty used to the way it looks and I don’t expect a lot and don’t have major complaints. The colors are varied and true, and it appears similar to watching the show on television. I remember the first time I saw the Simpsons on Blue- ray and thought oh wow, that’s amazing compared to watching on TV. I want to be able to say that about "Family Guy" one day.
Audio (3 out of 5 stars)
"Family Guy" Volume Twelve’s Dolby Digital 5.1 sound is adequate for the show. The dialogue is clear, intelligible and at a consistent volume.  Music and sound effects are also satisfactory. Nothing amazing in the audio department, but also nothing that hindered my enjoyment of the show.
Extras (3 out of 5 stars)
The special features can be selected from within each episode or by disc.  They are well thought out and interesting to view.  Even the animatics are interesting.  The features are very similar to previous seasons.

Disc One Special Features:
  • 200 Episodes Later – Interviews and footage leading up to the 200th episode
  • 200th Episode Table Read
  • Scene Animatic from “Into Fat Air” with side by side commentary
  • Deleted Scenes
Disc Two Special Features:
  • Full Episode Animatic from “Space Cadet”
  • Deleted Scenes
Disc Three Special Features 
  • Comic-Con Panel 2012
  • Scene Animatic From “Total Recall” with Side-By-Side Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes
Summary (3 out of 5 stars)
"Family Guy" Volume Twelve is as rude and inappropriate as previous seasons.  In the special features they explain and give a good example of jokes that would be crossing anyone’s line of decency if it weren't for the characters being animated.  The makers of "Family Guy" have successfully made physical and mental disabilities, pedophilia, cannibalism and murder joke worthy.  If any of that offends you, this isn't the show for you. If you've been bothered by anything you've seen in previous seasons, don’t start with Volume Twelve and expect any different. If you like what you've seen before I recommend adding this edition to your collection.

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