Friday, October 27, 2017

Neon Knights KickStarter Campaign

Every once in a while we like to promote cool things that we see on Kickstarter and Neon Knights is one of them. It's a cyberpunk battle racing board game that allows you to upgrade your custom car, drive on a neon colored modular track, and to destroy your opponents! They have ten days left to fund this game so take a look and support it! It kind of reminds me of a blend of the Thunder Road game and Tron!

You can support the game by clicking here.

To watch more videos of Neon Knights.... CLICK HERE! 


During setup, you will populate the board with Car Parts, Upgrades, Sponsors, and build a custom racing track for the first round.
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Then, you will draft the Driver skill cards between players to create a deck of skills for each player. You can implant your driver with skill chips to gain special abilities from this deck during the game. Sample Skill Implants:

The first phase of a round is player actions. They will take turns taking actions to upgrade their vehicle or driver. The phase represents a week so you will have 1 action per day starting Monday, and on Thursday, players will also get paid from their sponsors. Come Sunday... the race begins!
You will take ONE of the following actions per day (turn):
  • Take a Sponsor. (Take 1 face-up sponsor or draw from that deck) 
  • Visit Shop. (Buy 1 from the face-up parts in the shop & Install parts) 
  • Buy Specials. (Attach it to the corresponding slot on your car) 
  • Draw a Fan Bet. (Draw a fan bet card from the deck) 
  • Repair Armour (For every 5 currency you spend, repair 1 Armour) 
  • Train your Driver Skills (Install Skill cards onto your player board)

Customize your Car and Driver using cards acquired during the week. Each game will have a different feel and approach depending on how you upgrade your vehicle and what implants your driver has.


At the end of the week, players will now race on the track, using their parts to help accelerate or slow down. You will be able to activate weapons, shields and special upgrades during the race.
Using tactics, you need to decide on what power-ups you want to land on to reactivate your upgrades and when to use them on other drivers.
You will also need to push your luck and try to drift corners. If you succeed and take no damage during a turn, you will gain fans who will count as victory points at the end of this race.
Don't forget your implants! your skills can come in handy during a race.
Try to keep your armor up as well, since you will not get a full repair after the race and will need to use a day next week to repair.
Don't come in last because fans do not count as victory points for the player who comes in last. So stay with the pack and take the same risks as the other players or be left behind!
Play a determined amount of rounds and see who comes in on top and wins the title of Neon Knight!

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