Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ei8ht #3 Comic Book Review

Reviewed by Meghan Sullivan
As Dr. Hamm and the black-ops soldier Collins try to survive in the prehistoric past, the fierce warrior Nila and the chrononaut Joshua attempt to convince the rebel council to take up arms against the Tyrant before he releases a dangerous scourge and wipes them all from the face of the Meld!

Ei8ht #3
Writer: Rafael Albuquerque, Mike Johnson
Artist: Rafael Albuquerque
Cover Artist: Rafael Albuquerque

You may be familiar with Rafael Albuquerque because of the recent hub-bub over a Joker Variant cover.  Or perhaps you know him from co-creating American Vampire (with Scott Snyder) or from Blue Beetle.  Regardless, he’s proven over and over that you should know him. And now you can get to know him through Dark Horse’s Ei8ht. Ei8ht is a new creator-owned series about time travel, specifically the time travel of a man trying to save his wife, but who ends up trapped in The Meld.

Given the complicated nature of telling a story through time, Ei8ht is fairly helpfully designed with color coding.  The past is green, the present is purple, the future is blue, and the Meld is something else entirely (which means a peach-ish). It’s another clever aspect to the storytelling that keeps the reader engaged and following. 

Book 3 kicks off with Dr. Hamm and Collins in the past desperately trying to stay alive. Meanwhile, in The Meld, Joshua is with the Rebels’ Elders trying to explain the coincidence of the eight on his arm and the infinity symbol of the Meld-born.  While speaking with the elders, Nila’s little brother arrives to warn them that the Tyrant is sending the Spear, his warrior who also happens to have traveled from another time, to wipe out the Rebels.  

Ei8ht #3 sees the pace really picking up as Nila and Joshua try to stop the Spear and in the process Joshua regains some of his memories which will certainly have intriguing consequences as the story continues to unfold. And this story of time travel that includes dinosaurs and a fight for survival is bound to be worth reading. 

Ei8ht #3 released on April 15, 2015.

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