Wednesday, July 9, 2014

When Santa Fell to Earth Arrives on DVD on October 14th

We cherish the Christmas season, but what happens when the future of that holiday spirit hangs in the balance? On October 14th, Anchor Bay Entertainment releases When Santa Fell To Earth on DVD. Sure to become a new holiday favorite, here is a holly jolly tale unlike any other, filled with Christmas councils, Nutcracker soldiers, elves, angels and good old Santa Clause! Based on the popular holiday story by best-selling New York Times author Cornelia Funke, When Santa Fell To Earth begins with Santa’s unexpected plunge directly into Ben and Charlotte’s town!  He is on the run from Gerold Geronimous Goblynch, new head of the Great Christmas Council whose diabolical plan is to banish Santa from Christmas Land forever.

When the ignominious Geronimous sends his army of Nutcracker soldiers after Santa and the kids, the three embark on a magical adventure to find Santa’s trusty reindeer Twinklestar, free his Christmas elves and angels from Goblynch’s spell, and save Christmas before it’s too late.

A story of Christmas espionage and sabotage, of holiday magic and miracles, When Santa Fell To Earth has just enough sugar and spice to captivate children and adults alike. This is a fun new twist on some old holiday favorites and traditions, but one thing stays the same - the joy of Christmas and its ability to unite, embrace and warm even the coldest hearts!

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