Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Comic-Con 2014: Movies On Demand Will Bring The Comic-Con Experience To Viewers at Home

Fans who can’t make it to the Con in person can celebrate Comic-Con International 2014 at home with Movies on Demand (MOD) on cable. Now playing on MOD are some of the hottest new release genre films, including 300: Rise of an Empire, The Congress, RoboCop and Snowpiercer, plus many treasured classics. It’s all a celebration of the Movies On Demand platform on digital cable as the best way to watch the hottest genre hits with just a click of the remote control.


Great Current and Classic Genre Movies Now Playing,
Along with Coverage from the 2014 Convention in San Diego

New release MOD highlights:
In the action adventure, 300: Rise of an Empire, Greek general Themistokles and Persian naval commanders Xerxes and Warrior Queen Artemisia lead their separate forces to the gory battlefield in a battle for superior power. Robin Wright stars as an actress in the sci-fi drama, The Congress, which combines live action and animation to create a provocative world where her career is taken over by a digital replica of herself. RoboCop explores futuristic possibilities in the year 2028 when a critically injured cop is transformed into a robotic superhuman. A massive global warming experiment goes awry and leaves only a few fortunate survivors to board the globe-trotting train, Snowpiercer, a new action film which garnered a whopping 94% positive critical reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Although this train provides an escape from the treacherous earthly conditions, the entrapment on the train instigates a gory uprising.  
Comic-Con coverage:
Besides movies, fanboys and geeks of all kinds will get a taste of the action direct from the Con.  Through a partnership with the best-known independent film website Indiewirestar interviews captured byMovies On Demand cameras will be featured on their site.  Look for their special features called “Beamed from the Con.” Plus, the @moviesondemand Twitter feed will feature daily updates from San Diego. 
Classic Genre Films:
Most cable systems now have special Comic-Con folders* in their On Demand menus that house the sci-fi, horror, comic book, hero and fantasy films that they are featuring to celebrate the most famous geekfest.  For example, Comcast features more than 80 titles in their “Comic-Con Action” folder on Movies On Demand, available until Aug. 18.  A folder called “Comic-Con” can be found in Time Warner Cable, RCN, Midcontinent, Cablevision and Metrocast systems, until Aug. 11. 
Widely available across the systems’ folders mentioned above are: Batman Begins, the entire Blade trilogy, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight RisesGhost WorldGreen LanternHellboyKick-AssV for Vendetta, The Watchmen and many others. 
Cox Communications customers should look for a folder labeled “Marvel/Marvel Movies” with a wide selection of genre titles from the great studio’s library, such as The Avengers, the X-Men series, theBlade series, Hulk Vs. and many more. Available until Aug. 18.

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