Friday, April 18, 2014

The Looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume 3 Comes Out On Blu-ray August 12th!

The Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume 3 is finally going to be released on Blu-ray! This 3 disc set set should be in stores on August 12th. Like the previous sets, the cartoon shorts will have the original 4x3 aspect ratio, and an English stereo soundtrack. I'm so happy that this set is coming because it has one of my all time favorite Bugs Bunny/Yosemite Sam cartoons, "Knighty Knight Bugs," (which you can see below). It's a classic if you haven't seen it and it makes me laugh uncontrollably every time I see it! The episodes included on this set are below but more information will be coming soon from Warners.

Here's the list of cartoons that will be included:
  • Disc 1
    • Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt
    • Corny Concerto, A
    • Falling Hare
    • Little Red Riding Rabbit
    • Hair-Raising Hare
    • Acrobatty Bunny
    • Big Snooze, The
    • Hare Grows in Manhattan, A
    • Easter Yeggs
    • Slick Hare
    • Gorilla My Dreams
    • High Diving Hare
    • Hillbilly Hare
    • Bunny Hugged
    • Operation: Rabbit
    • Bully for Bugs
    • Bugs and Thugs
    • Knighty Knight Bugs
    • Honey's Money
    • Hep Cat, The
    • Pigs in a Polka
    • Ham in a Role
    • Dog Gone South
    • Bear for Punishment, A
    • Steal Wool
  • Disc 2
    • Porky Pig's Feat
    • Scrap Happy Daffy
    • Plane Daffy
    • Stupid Cupid, The
    • Draftee Daffy
    • Nasty Quacks
    • Stupor Salesman, The
    • Wholly Smoke
    • Swooner Crooner
    • Life with Feathers
    • Canary Row
    • Tree for Two
    • Sandy Claws
    • Dog Pounded
    • Satan's Waitin'
    • Birds Anonymous
    • Mouse and Garden
    • Pied Piper of Guadalupe, The
    • Gruesome Twosome, A
    • Guided Muscle
    • Beep Prepared
    • Walky Talky Hawky
    • Rhapsody in Rivets
    • High Note
    • Nelly's Folly
Animation historian (and frequent contributor to these sets) Jerry Beck described these extras on his "Animation Scoop" blog:  "The set contains 50 remastered HD classic Looney Tunes shorts plus bonus materials that include 26 audio commentaries, and over 12 documentaries - including the 70-minute Mel Blanc: The Man Of A Thousand Voices, the 60-minute Drawn For Glory: Animation's Triumph At The Oscars, and the three-part The Boys From Termite Terrace (1975). An all-new doc, That's All Folks! Tales From Termite Terrace, is also part of the mix."

Order your copy today!

The Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume 3

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