Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Eastbound & Down: The Complete Fourth and Final Season Arrives on Blu-ray on May 13th!

Over the course of four seasons, Eastbound & Down has followed the comedic antics of the clueless, washed-up baseball legend Kenny Powers (Danny McBride), who enjoyed the fame and fortune afforded by his career, even if he was his own worst enemy throughout. With executive producers including Will Ferrell, McBride and Jody Hill, the final season of the hit HBO comedy series explores what life looks like after the glory days, and whether it's ever possible to truly give up the lifestyle of being rich and famous. When Eastbound & Down: The Complete Fourth Season comes to Blu-ray with Digital Copy, DVD and Digital Download on May 13, 2014, fans of the hit HBO series will finally be able to complete their collection - and to find out whether Kenny is ultimately capable of getting his act together.

"Glorious... Like nothing else on TV... Danny McBride is magnificent" 
Rolling Stone 
 Available on Blu-Ray with Digital Copy and DVD  
Final season bonus features include cast/crew commentaries
 and hilarious deleted scenes!   
New York, N.Y., March 31, 2014 - Life has thrown a lot of curve balls to washed-up former major-league pitching ace Kenny Powers. After a disgraceful return to his hometown, a failed attempt at coaching, a soul-searching season in Mexico, a successful return to the minor leagues and a not-so-successful attempt at single fatherhood, Kenny finally hung up his cap to become a full-time family man. But can he ever truly say goodbye to the fame and fortune afforded by his baseball career?Find out when Eastbound & Down: The Complete Fourth Season debuts on Blu-ray with Digital Copy ($39.98) and DVD ($29.98) on May 13, 2014

The final season of the hit HBO® comedy series finds Kenny (Danny McBride) struggling with his identity after fleeing his successful comeback to the minors by faking his own death and returning home to the love of his life, April, and their son Toby. Years later, Kenny is settled quietly into family life in North Carolina, working as an assistant manager at a car rental outlet, trying to piece together a screenplay about his life story and numbing the yearning to return to the vices of his glory days with boring couples' nights and bland dinner parties. But when a former teammate turns up with an opportunity for Kenny to get back in the game as a celebrity commentator - and to live the rich, famous lifestyle he deserves - Kenny begins to wonder whether the time is right for a comeback of a different sort. 

Eastbound & Down: The Complete Fourth Season on BD w/ Digital Copy and 
DVD features hysterical bonus content including:
  • 25 minutes of exclusive deleted scenes
  • 11-minute hilarious blooper reel
  • Audio Commentaries on all eight episodes featuring writers/executive producers Danny McBride and Jody Hill, along with additional cast members including Steve Little, Jillian Bell, Tim Heidecker, Elizabeth De Razzo and Ken Marino
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