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Castle – The Complete Season 3 DVD Review

Castle was originally the show that helped me with my unhappiness about the cancellation of Firefly.  Like Firefly, it starred Nathan Fillion as a lovable rascal but this time without the edge that Captain Malcolm Reynolds had. Eventually, the show won me over on it’s own merits and it’s one that I genuinely look forward to seeing.  It’s got the perfect blend of humor, action, teased romance, and above all the most elusive element to a successful show…chemistry.  Not only between Fillion and his partner on the show Stana Katic, but also between the entire cast of the show much like the ill-fated Firefly.  Unlike Firefly, this show was given a chance to reach an audience and it’s doing very well in the ratings and the fourth season has just started. 

Film (5 out of 5 stars)

Richard Castle is a very successful mystery novelist in the vein of James Patterson, Stephen J. Cannell, Dennis Lehane, and Michael Connelly whom he actually plays poker with often. After killing off his main character he developed writer’s block until someone started murdering people in a copycat fashion from Castle’s books.  When Castle is brought in to assist with the case he found his inspiration and he had the idea of following real New York police detectives while they did their job.  After pulling a few strings with the Mayor, Castle is allowed to shadow Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) and her team of investigators – Javier Esposito (Jon Huertas) and Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever).  At first none of the detectives are thrilled by Castle’s presence but soon discover that his knowledge, connections, and his knack for solving mysteries is actually beneficial to them and they join forces.  Castle and Beckett’s interactions are kind of like a more humorous version of the Mulder-Scully relationship in X-Files.  He’s willing to believe in just about anything and she is the skeptic who has to deal with him.

By this current season, the team has gelled into a formidable force against crime and sparks have continued to fly between Castle and Beckett in a very Moonlighting-ish manner.  Their continual will they or won’t they is a staple of the show and it’s been interesting to see all of the ways creator Andrew Marlowe and his writers have contrived to get them so close to a resolution, only to pull the rug out from under the audience.  They are also careful not to make that the sole reason to watch the show, as there are a lot of murders to solve and the great interaction between Castle and the people in his two lives – the one at the police station and his private one at home with his mother Martha (Susan Sullivan) and his daughter Alexis (Molly Quinn).  By this point, Castle is no longer following Beckett for inspiration  but because he loves her which he finally acknowledges this season.  Unfortunately for him, Beckett has a lot of baggage to deal with including the murder of her mother which is a recurring story-line through each season as they continue to hunt her mother’s killer and unravel the conspiracy that led to her death.

The show does a great job walking the romance/action/dramatic tightrope it set it itself on, as the tone of the show can shift dramatically in several different ways by the end of the episode which isn’t a problem for this talented cast. Whether it’s straight out comedy or if one of their own is in jeopardy, the show keeps its balance and never topples too far in one direction.  Some episodes are lighter than others and there’s also plenty of winks to the audience such as when Fillion dresses up as Malcolm Reynolds for Halloween, or when he dresses like Indiana  Jones for a crime involving archaeology.  Fillion is fantastic in this role as it plays to all of his natural strengths as a performer.  He can do comedy easily or convey serious emotion when called for and his character is extremely interesting because of his many contradictions.  While on the surface he’s playful and immature, but if his family or friends are threatened, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Stana Katic is also great in her role as the tightly controlled Beckett.  It’s not an easy role to play since she’s a naturally guarded person but at the same occasionally lets that wall down with Castle and it’s those times when they really connect that make watching the show from the beginning so rewarding.  Over the years, Castle has definitely rubbed off on her and she’s more trusting and playful than she used to be when they first met.  As good as the two leads are (and they are very good), this is an ensemble show and the supporting players are just as good.  The banter between Esposito and Ryan is always fun to see and Ruben Santiago-Hudson and Tamala Jones also bring their talent and humor into the mix too.  While Castle’s family dynamic may seem odd with his actress mother and too smart for her own good daughter, it works for them and offers a nice window into Castle as we see what a devoted father and son he is.  There’s much more to all of these characters than what’s on the surface and the show has done a nice job peeling those layers back to expose far more complicated characters that you might have originally thought.  Here’s the fun episodes you can find in this set as originally described:
  1. A Deadly Affair – BANG! BANG! BANG! Someone’s shooting at Castle.  He races through a room of mirrors as they explode with each passing bullet. Castle barrels into an alley where Detective Kate Beckett is waiting, gun drawn.  She screams for him to drop to the ground.  But Castle remains standing, pointing a gun in Beckett’s direction. BANG! BANG! What just happened?!  Let’s jump back three days earlier to find out.   Castle promised he’d be back in the fall.  Well, it’s the autumnal equinox and he’s MIA.   Beckett and her team investigate the murder of a woman named Chloe.  The murder victim’s boyfriend, Evan, says Chloe taught chemistry at a prep school.  Beckett, Ryan and Esposito check out an address that was written on a cocktail napkin found in Chloe’s hand. The team enters the apartment, guns drawn, to find someone standing over the dead body of Maya Santori.
  2. He’s Dead, She’s Dead – Castle and Beckett investigate a case nobody could have seen coming, except for maybe the psychic who was stabbed to death with an ice pick.  Vivien Marchand was found dead and stuffed into a sleeper-sofa by her daughter, Penny.  Clients Paula and Marina Casillas were two of the last to see Vivian alive.  They had an appointment to chat with their dead husband/father, Emilio.  Who says families don’t talk to each other anymore?  The team gets hold of a letter from Vivien that was dated the day of her death.  It describes details from the crime scene. Castle loves this.  He says, “The psychic predicted her own murder!” Beckett, however, suspects the note was written by the killer to throw the police off track.
  3. Under the Gun – Bail bondsman Deon Carver is murdered in his office.  A bloody shoe-print is found near the body.  Beckett discovers a bug hidden inside a desk calculator.  Carver’s wife, Brooke, says she doesn’t recognize the symbol-ridden paper that was found on her hubby after Castle places it in her trembling hands. Castle thinks the symbols on the paper could represent some kind of code.   Carver had an argument with a criminal named Random Pierce, who is apprehended by bounty hunter Mike Royce, an ex-cop who was also Beckett’s training officer when she was a rookie.  The bloody footprint belongs to a priest named Father Aaron Low.  The good father didn’t kill anyone, but says Carver was having marital troubles and he was counseling him.
  4. Punked - Daniel Goldstein is found shot to death in the park dressed only in his underwear.  A print on the victim’s wallet leads to a burly, scary career felon named Roland D’Andre.  Call him D’Andre the Giant, as he did a wrestling slam on Esposito that puts the detective in a neck brace.  But D’Andre’s unregistered gun is a little too modern to have fired the 200-year-old bullet that killed Goldstein.  Castle suggests the possibility of a time-traveling killer. After all, the victim did drive a DeLorean.  Fire up the Flux Capacitor!  The victim’s sister, Rachel, says her math genius brother was a bit of a dork who made a lot of money as a numbers cruncher on Wall Street.  At the firm where Goldstein worked, Adam Murphy, says Daniel left work around 9:30.  Goldstein’s assistant, Julia Foster, says a lot of unhappy investors blamed her boss for a financial product fund that tanked causing hundreds of millions of dollars to be lost overnight.
  5. Anatomy of a Murder – Dr. Valerie Monroe is found dead in a coffin.  We know, we know.  What’s so unusual about that?  Well, Dr. Monroe was stuffed inside a coffin at someone else’s funeral.  An empty syringe was plunged into her carotid artery causing a fatal air embolism.  Someone with medical training may have been the killer.  Dr. Monroe had a private meeting with a nurse at her hospital.  Castle has seen enough medical dramas on TV to theorize that the nurse is probably hot.  Beckett asks if he’d like to revise his theory when they meet Greg McClintock, the smooth-talking male nurse who was scolded by the victim for being too flirty with the female residents.  Greg may flirt with every female doc on staff, but he hasn’t slept with any of them.  He also has an alibi and says he saw his boss leave the hospital with a mystery man.
  6. 3XK – Linda Russo is found dead in an alley two blocks from her home.  Castle believes this could be the work of the notorious Triple Killer, who would strangle three women a week and arrange each body as if they were in a coffin.  Paul McCardle, the former horticultural technician at the victim’s workplace, had a little obsession with Linda.  The nervous, sweaty suspect alibis out and Captain Montgomery informs the team that the Triple Killer has struck again.  Kim Foster has the same distinguishing strangulation wounds as the first victim.  She was found in her apartment, which matches the previous M.O. of the Triple Killer.  Beckett realizes that Linda Russo identified the suspect four years ago during a call to a tip line.  That’s why he dropped out of sight.  That’s also why Linda was blindsided in an alley.  The killer was on Linda’s radar and could never gain access to her apartment.
  7. Almost Famous – Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of Derek Brookner, one of New York’s finest…strippers!   The victim was shot while wearing a tear-away police uniform.  He was carrying a squirt gun filled with tequila.  Cheap tequila, Castle notes.  Derek played the party of Officer McNaughty at a raucous bachelorette party the night he was killed.  One of the ladies who attended the bash, Camille Roberts, has a record.  She also happens to be the victim’s ex.  Derek worked for a company called Mucho Man, headed by Lloyd Saunders, who says the blonde hair with traces of steroids found on the victim’s body could have come from Derek’s second job.  Saunders also hilariously offers Ryan a job stripping as the skinny vampire guy from Twilight.  Esposito’s out of luck though.  Mucho Man already has way too many dancers who look like A-Rod.
  8. Murder Most Fowl – Len Levitt is a subway worker who was shot to death in the park.   Light Bulb Len, as he was known at the tracks, used to change bulbs in the stations and tunnels around town.  Esposito and Ryan find maps, high-tech gear and surveillance equipment in the victim’s apartment.  He may have been tracking someone with the initials “BHS.”  All that fancy equipment in Len’s place belonged to an insurance actuary named Byron H. Singer, aka “BHS.”  Singer told Len that the rare red-tailed hawks were sighted in the park.  That’s why bird-watcher Len had the equipment.  Castle realizes that if Len was in the park to verify the sighting of the hawks, he would have been armed with a camera.  Actually, Len’s camera is found mounted in a tree.  The dozens of bird shots end with a photo of man holding a gun on a young boy.  Len witnessed a kidnapping.  The abductor shot Len when he saw him in the tree.  Now the search is on for the unidentified boy.
  9. Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind – They say in space no one can hear you scream.  That could make it tough to find witnesses as Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of Marie Subbarao, a prominent astrophysicist whose body suffered from explosive decompression.  Lanie explains it’s the result of being exposed to a zero pressure environment.  The victim recently scored a grant from an institute devoted to searches for extraterrestrial intelligence.  Marie’s assistant, Ayyana Holder, says her boss felt something life-changing had recently happened to her. Dr. Chuck Vaughn adds that Marie’s work involved an altitude chamber which could explain the explosive decompression.  Unfortunately, the chamber is clean which has Castle imagining all sorts of otherworldly theories at warp speed.
  10. Last Call – Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of dockworker Donny Hayes.  The victim was found floating in the East River with a nasty head wound.  A member of Gamblers Anonymous, Donny’s bank account had gone dry.  He recently cut a $150,000 check to Billy Pitt, an ex-con who claims Donny bought his downtown bar, The Old Haunt.  He outbid Brian Elliott, a bartender at the place.   Castle knows The Old Haunt well.  He wrote most of his first novel in a booth there before he had Beckett as his inspiration.  The place is full of history and it was started during Prohibition as a speakeasy.   Beckett lets down her hair and pops a few buttons on her blouse in an attempt to sweet-talk Brian into showing her the kind of liquor bottle that may have been used as the murder weapon.  Her charms work well even after a slightly jealous Castle tries to make it look like they’re a couple.  It’s an undercover thing.
  11. Nikki Heat – A movie based on Castle’s Nikki Heat books is in the works and Natalie Rhodes (guest star Laura Prepon) is the actress who will be playing Nikki in the movie.  And, according to Castle, the words aren’t all that stirring.  That’s probably because the screenwriter made lots of changes while adapting his novel.  Castle’s not all that thrilled with Natalie Rhodes either.  He doesn’t think a woman who was a bra-less coed in a movie called “Knife 2” should be playing Kate Beckett…er…uh…Nikki Heat.  Fortunately, there’s nothing like a murder to take your mind off casting woes.  High-end matchmaker Stacy Collins is found skewered by a fence in an alley.  Hours earlier, she was at a surprise party thrown by all the happy couples she’d united.  As Natalie researches her role, the team learns that the victim’s ex, Brad Williams, argued with her before she was killed.  Natalie is impressed with Beckett’s interrogation tactics while questioning Brad.  She’s less impressed with Castle, who is horrified to hear that she never even read his book.
  12. Poof, You’re Dead – Detective Javier Esposito and Dr. Lanie Parish are both summoned to a crime scene.  Oh, did I mention that they got their pages while they were in bed together? There’s your first plot twist! A second twist is that Castle and his ex-wife Gina are feuding again.  Finally, there’s also been a good old-fashioned murder.   The killing took place at Drake’s Magic Shop.  Beckett used to come to the place with her grandfather.  Castle’s imagination runs wild when she mentions a trick she does with ice cubes.  Speaking of things that are wet and cold, the shop’s owner, Zalmun Drake, was found drowned in a water torture tank.   The shop’s business was hurting and there’s suicide note.   Prints on the letter lead the team to a lowlife street magician named Chuck Russell, who held a grudge against the victim for blackballing him in the magic world.
  13. Knockdown – 12 years ago, John Raglan was the lead investigator in the murder of Kate Beckett’s mom.  Today, he’s a dying man who wants to come clean about his past indiscretions.  He tells Beckett to meet him at coffee shop.  No cops.  So, she brings Castle.  Raglan is about to reveal important details about his old case when…BANG!  A bullet shatters the restaurant window striking the retired cop in the chest, and moments later, Raglan is dead.  Raglan’s old academy buddy, Gary McCallister, points Beckett toward a drug dealer named Vulcan Simmons, who had Raglan in his back pocket.  Beckett’s mom led a community group that tried to shut down the drug trade in Vulcan’s old stomping grounds.  Perhaps the dealer ordered a hit and had Raglan cover up the crime.  A worried Martha tells her son that it’s time he was honest with himself about what he does. Castle says, “It’s not about the books anymore.”
  14. Lucky Stiff – What would you do if you won the lottery?  That’s the question Castle poses to a few of his friends.  Esposito would buy a Ferrari.  Ryan would open a winery.  Lanie would like a new wardrobe.  All her clothes smell like dead people. Captain Montgomery wants a big old boat.  As for Beckett, well her secret desire is a mystery.  As you can imagine, it’s one mystery Castle is desperate to solve.  The question of new-found riches comes into play for several reasons.  First of all, Martha’s former beau left her a million bucks in his will. Secondly, big time lottery winner Jay Hixton was found murdered in his apartment by his butler, Reginald Easley.   100 grand is missing from his apartment and there was an exploding dye pack in the bag that held the cash.  A maintenance worker who is covered in blue paint alibis out, but says the victim told him his car was taken away in the hours before he was killed.
  15. The Final Nail – Beckett investigates the murder of a wealthy woman named Victoria Westlake, who was killed by someone armed with a nail gun. She calls Castle to say meet her at the crime scene, but he’s already there.  Castle went to boarding school with the victim’s husband, Damian Westlake.  He’s positive his old pal had nothing to do with his wife’s murder.  Beckett, however, thinks her partner may be too close to the case.  Damian says his wife fired a construction worker who was doing renovations on their townhouse.  The victim’s employee, Amber Patinelli, confirms the carpenter was fired because she stole Vicky’s engagement ring.  But the carpenter says Mrs. Westlake found the missing jewelry piece and later apologized.  An inventory of the victim’s valuables confirms that the ring is, indeed, still around.  Beckett believes Damian is the prime suspect.  Castle doesn’t buy it since he’s known the guy since boarding school and he was the first person who ever told him he had a talent for writing.  That’s why it’s tough for him to hear that his old friend was a prime suspect in another murder that occurred two decades ago in Puerto Rico.  The victim: Damian’s father—Phillip Westlake.
  16. Setup – SIRENS BLARE! Castle is led down a tented corridor by two men in hazmat suits.  He’s sealed off in another tented section, but he’s not alone.  Beckett’s there, too.  An expression of stunned fear covers her face.  It’s a look that makes us think something terrible has happened.  We jump back 36 hours.  The body of a dead cabbie is found near his stripped taxi.   Amir Alhabi was an immigrant from Syria.  He was shot in the head in what appears to be a robbery.  Lanie says the victim’s fingers were broken one at a time.  Cell records show that his last phone call was to his wife.  Also, Amir opened a notebook app and wrote down “C4121652” before he died.  Amir’s wife, Nazihah, tells Beckett that her hubby was always worried about money because their daughter needed surgery.  His cousin, Jamal, was Amir’s business partner.  He recently started his own moving company.  The guy who stripped Amir’s cab for parts says another man was in the area at the time of the murder.   This person tore up the upholstery in the cab looking for something.
  17. Countdown – There’s a dirty bomb being transported in a van somewhere in New York City.  Castle and Beckett were in hot pursuit of the terrorists before they ended up trapped in a freezer.  There’s no way out of this subzero prison and nobody knows they are there.  As they struggle to stay alive, Beckett thanks Castle for being there for her.  He responds, “Always.”  Beckett says, “I just want you to know how much I…” She can’t finish her thought.  Beckett’s arm goes limp.  Castle begs her to stay with him.  No response.  Moments later, Castle is silent, too.
  18. One Life to Lose – Sara Cutler, the head writer of the long-running soap opera Temptation Lane, is found dead on the set with an axe in the back.  Castle wonders, “Why would anyone want to kill a writer?”  Beckett can think of so many reasons.   Lance Hastings (guest star Corbin Bernsen) and Mandy Bronson (guest star Rebecca Budig) are the stars of Temptation Lane.  Both seem devastated by the death of the woman who put words in their mouths.  Of course, they are actors.  The beautiful Mandy paints a vivid picture of the bubble bath she was in at the time of the murder, much to Esposito’s delight.  Lance also claims he left the set long before the murder occurred.   Vince Powers, the director of the show, was married to the victim.  Beckett’s interview with the hubby is interrupted by a very dramatic lady who recently revealed that she was Sara’s birth mother.  Gloria Chambers (guest star Jane Seymour) threatens to sue the city if her daughter’s killer is not brought to justice.
  19. Law & Murder – Castle is psyched to hit a screening of Forbidden Planet.  He knows Alexis is fibbing about her reason for not wanting to be his movie date.  Castle’s curiosity as to why she lied is put on hold after a juror in the high-profile murder case of socialite Lila Addison drops dead during closing arguments.  Lanie says the guy was poisoned.  Now Castle and Beckett want to know why.  Joe McUsic was Juror #7 in the case against Otis Williams, who benefits from a mistrial.  McUsic’s brother, Eddie, says Joe always looked out for others. Another juror says he was intimidated by Wardell Williams, the cousin of the accused.  Surveillance video shows Wardell handing the victim a cup of coffee inside the courthouse that may have been laced with cyanide.
  20. Slice of Death – An extra-crispy body is found in the oven at Authentic Nick’s Pizza.  The owner, whose real name is Ralph, thinks one of his rivals is responsible.  The list of suspects includes the owner of Terrific Authentic Nick’s Pizza, who is actually Sal Malavolta.  It could also be Terrific Nick (aka Vinnie Delfino) or Authentic Terrific Nick, who is actually Luca Sabalini.   The dead man found at Authentic Nick’s is a newspaper reporter named Gordon Burns.  Gordon’s editor says the former war correspondent was devastated a few years back when his 10-year-old daughter was killed in a car accident.  He hadn’t written much since then.  His most recent assignment was about New York’s pizza wars.
  21. The Dead Pool - Castle and Beckett investigate the death of a swimmer who had a shot at the Olympics.  Zack Lindsey was found in a pool after a late night training session.  His swim team is led by Coach Rome, who says Zack recently won a meet even after a bout of food poisoning.  Nothing could keep that kid out of a pool.  Well, nothing short of murder.  Olympic swimmer “Rocket” Rob Tredwick trained with Zack the night he was murdered.  Both guys struggled to make it, so Rocket Rob took Zack under his wing.  He says the kid recently broke up with his girlfriend, Bridget McManus.  A stash of anabolic steroids is discovered at Zack’s trashed apartment.  The victim was clean, so maybe he was dealing.  There’s a new writer in town named Alex Conrad who Castle believes to be his protégé, and he has his eye on Beckett too.
  22. To Love and Die in L.A. - Beckett’s ex-partner Mike Royce is back, though not for long.  He’s being hunted by an assassin but manages to briefly talk to her before he is gunned down.   Royce had just flown into town from L.A.  A mystery man also came in from the City of Angels for a grand total of six hours—just enough time to kill Royce.  Beckett is shut down when she asks to investigate out west.  It’s not going stop her from using vacation time to go on her own.  That doesn’t mean she’s going alone.  Castle booked her a first class plane seat right next to his.  Castle convinces Beckett to stay at his complimentary two-bedroom suite.  He tells hotel manager Maurice to cancel the couples massage.  He and Beckett are here to work.
  23. Pretty Dead – Here she is…Miss Illinois…dead on the stage of Baron’s All-American Beauty Pageant.  Now it’s up to Castle and Beckett to find out which one of her lovely lady rivals looks good for murder.  Amber Middlebury was strangled with her own sash.  A piece of sequins is found in her hair.  Business mogul Victor Baron (guest star Michael McKean) and his lovely wife, Kayla (guest star Teri Polo), are devastated by the death of one of their own.  Well, they’re devastated while the cameras are rolling.  Victor tells Beckett that pageant coordinator Candace Ford will give her anything she needs for her investigation.   One of contestants heard Amber arguing with a man shortly before she was killed. It may have been an angry boyfriend.  Amber’s consultant, Justin Hankel, knows nothing about this.  He does, however, say his client claimed someone was trying to take advantage of her.  Perhaps it was the pageant’s host, Bobby Stark, as he wore the tux that bore the piece of sequins that was found.
  24. Knockout – In “Knockdown,” we learned Hal Lockwood is deeply-connected to the murder of Beckett’s mom.  During her weekly visit to the prison, Beckett discovers the hired assassin has been transferred to general population where he promptly kills Gary McAllister, one of three police officers who kidnapped mobsters for ransom back in the day.  The other known dirty cop was the deceased John Raglan, the lead investigator in Beckett’s mom’s case.  Someone very powerful is looking cut off all avenues of the investigation.   A flash bomb is detonated at Lockwood’s arraignment.  It’s chaos in the courtroom as the prisoner makes a daring escape by helicopter.  Castle believes there’s a third renegade cop out there who can bring down the mastermind of the kidnapping scheme.

Video (4 1/2 out of 5 stars)

For a DVD this transfer (1.78:1) looks very good as it offers some excellent detail and a variety of well defined colors.  This is one of better looking DVDs that I’ve seen in a long time.  During close ups you can see the pores on the actor’s faces, read the details off of the murder board, and the colors are distinct.  Flesh tones are also natural and consistent.  The only complaint I have is that noise occasionally pops up but it never lasts for long.  While I would prefer to have this on Blu-ray, this DVD looks far better than it should.

Audio (4 1/2 out of 5 stars)

Castle’s Dolby Digital 5.1 mix is also very good.  The dialogue comes through clearly and each line is well delivered.  The film’s effects and music have also been balanced well and never overwhelm the other.  For   a TV show this is a very active mix and all of the channels are well used.  The rear channels are used frequently for both effects and music and there’s some nice cross-panning across the channels as well.  Robert Duncan’s catchy theme song and music sound great too.

Special Features (3 1/2 out of 5 stars)

There’s some great extras on here but I wish there was more of all of it.  My favorite extra is the “Murder They Wrote” featurette which offers a lot of good discussion about the show with an interesting group.  The extras are spread across all five discs.
  • “Murder They Wrote” - An exciting all-new roundtable featuring series star Nathan Fillion, New York Times best-selling author Michael Connelly Brian Michael Bendis, director Rob Bowman, and creator Andrew Marlowe to discuss the genre, the loss of Stephen J. Cannell, tricks of the trade and more.
  • Cast and Crew Commentary – There’s two great commentary tracks included and I wish there were more.  The two included are: Episode 301 “A Deadly Affair” With Creator/Executive Producer/Writer Andrew W. Marlowe, Director/Executive Producer Rob Bowman And Actor Nathan Fillion and Episode 307 “3XK” with Director Bill Roe, Executive Producer/Writer David Amann and actors Seamus Dever & Jon Huertas.  They are both funny and informative and you learn facts like how the production was forced to digitally erase the butt cracks off of some mannequins in a scene.
  • Deleted Scenes – There’s a bunch of deleted scenes and most of them were unnecessary but a scene between Castle and Beckett’s dad should have been kept in the show.
  • Bloopers – A collection of funny bloopers from all of the cast fooling around and messing up their lines.  They look like they have a lot of fun working on this show!
  • CASTLE Goes Hollywood — “To Love And Die In L.A.” – Spend Time With Cast And Crew As Castle And Beckett Take L.A. By Storm.  A look behind the scenes of the Hollywood episode where the production (which is supposed to take place in New York but is actually filmed in LA).  They talk about filming LA as LA which is something they usually avoid.
  • Murder Board 101 — Victims, Persons Of Interest, Evidence And Clues…Find Out What It Takes To Develop This “Character” Each Week
  • Music Video — “Get On The Floor”

Final Thoughts (4 1/2 out of 5 stars)

Castle is a great show and if you haven’t seen it yet you should correct that right away.  It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a Blu-ray release for the show but this DVD does look and sound really good.  The show’s emphasis on character, humor, suspense, action, and romance combined with a bunch of great actors makes this a fun show to watch.  I got to see the Castle panel at Comic Con this year and these guys were just as funny and friendly as their characters.  This show is highly recommended!

Order your copy today!

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