Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An Interview With Ashley Tisdale About Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure

 How would you describe Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure?
Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure is a fun, energetic new adventure for Sharpay. We get to step into Sharpay’s world in the new movie and we see her at home with her parents – but then she heads off to New York City to follow her dreams! 

How would you describe Sharpay?
Sharpay is a fun-loving, pink diva. She has always had everything she ever wanted, but that soon changes in the new movie. She goes to New York to fulfill her dream of being on Broadway, but it’s not as easy as she thought it was going to be.

What was life like on the set of the movie?
Life was great! It was a big job and we didn’t have loads of time to shoot it, so I worked six-day weeks to get everything done. I was in every single scene, so it was the biggest role I’ve ever taken. It was crazy, but it was cool.

What can you tell us about your new co-stars?
The cast was really fun! We all had a great time and it was really cool hanging out with them. Austin Butler plays my love interest in the movie and he’s an old friend of mine, so I knew I was going to have a laugh with him. And then there was Bradley Steven Perry and Cameron Goodman… I love them all.

How was life on the set of the movie?
Want to know a secret about the trailers on the set? They are always so much smaller than you think! It’s so funny. I remember doing the first High School Musical where we all had tiny trailers. Everyone had the same one. When we returned for High School Musical 2, we thought, ‘We’re bound to have bigger trailers now that the movie is super successful.’

Did you get bigger trailers?
No! We got exactly the same trailers from the first movie. Then in High School Musical 3, we thought, ‘This is a feature film, so we’re going to get big, big trailers.’ Again, they were the same size!

Did you complain?
No way! I think it was cool because it always kept us really grounded. To be honest, my trailer was cute. It was small and plain, but it was perfect for me. I was hardly in there because I was always working!

What did you get up to when the cameras stopped rolling?
I didn’t have too much time off, but I’m very social, so I’d always hang out with the cast. I’d go shopping or I’d head to the pool with my mom. We’d all go to dinners together and things like that. It was fun.

What’s your most embarrassing memory from the film shoot?
I celebrated my birthday on the set of Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure and something really funny happened that day. Austin Butler wasn’t supposed to work, but he turned up on set at midnight and I thought he’d come to wish me a happy birthday.

What happened?
I made such a big deal about Austin’s arrival on set. I was screaming, “Oh, wow! Look everybody: it’s Austin. I can’t believe you’re here for my birthday!” I stopped everything, but he just smiled at me. It turned out that he got called into work on a scene, so he wasn’t there for my birthday at all!

How embarrassing…
I know! It was so funny. At first, he just smiled – but he eventually told me the truth. He said, “I’m actually here to work, but I did come in extra early to see you.” I felt so embarrassed because I made such a big deal about it in front of the crew. It was really funny!

How does it feel to be the star of your own movie?
It feels great! It was really strange not having Zac, Vanessa, Corbin and Lucas around me because they were my comfort zone on High School Musical. It was easy to play Sharpay when they were around, but now she’s a little different and I’m a little different, too. For starters, I am an Executive Producer on the movie. That was definitely different to anything I’d ever done before!

Did you enjoy being an Executive Producer?
It was really exciting because I got to learn a whole new side to movies, but it was also a challenge to juggle being an actress and an Executive Producer. Whenever I needed to executive produce, I’d put on my Executive Producer hat and I’d be the boss. But when I needed to be the lead actress, I just put on the diva hat!

Which job do you prefer?
I love them both. Acting is a huge passion of mine, but it was fun to learn something new by being an Executive Producer. I got to be creative and I got to have a say in the movie.

And finally… Why should we go and buy the DVD?
I think you should go and buy the DVD because it’s a really fun movie! It’s the perfect ending to a character that everybody enjoyed watching in the High School Musical series and you’re going to love watching her again. I think you’ll be shocked and surprised by the new movie because you’ve never seen Sharpay like this before. Trust me, you’re in for a real treat!


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